March 14, 2011

main floor bath

Here is yet another before and after. Our main floor bathroom is right in the middle of the house. Its the room that all of our guests use and it needed some major attention. 

Alright here is the before:

Not to bad, no major problems in here except white white white everywhere! 

And now the after:

One day I just decided that this room would be my next project. I went to Lowe's and got all the paint and wood and got to work. I did it all in one day before my Husband got home from work and man was he impressed!

I used lattice wood for the board and batten. It super cheep and easy to work with. I just used a miter box saw to cut it and nailed it right to the wall.
Easy enough right??

This was my inspiration for the room. It was the exact color that I wanted for the walls.

I got this a few years back from Walmart of all places.  It has been the perfect piece for our guest bath and it matches our cherry wood floors really well.


Anne said...

Love it! I love how you did the wall treatment over textured walls. I wasn't sure how that would look, but it looks good!

Rebekah★All Thingz Related★ said...

It looks terrific! You did a great job!!

ReenieK Designs said...

Fabulous !

Amy Gilman and Emily Lee (Sisters of the Wild West) said...

looks AWESOME!! love that you did it yourself while your hubby was at work! Fantastic

Carissa said...

Visiting from House of Smiths, love your blog! I need to get myself a miter saw! Was it hard to learn how to use one yourself??

..[eLySe].. said...

I totally recommend getting a miter saw. Its only like $7 and super easy to use, it shows you right on the box how to use it!

Erin I said...

Hi! Love the bathroom! I'd love to do something similar in my bathroom, what did you use at the bottom, above the baseboard.

Thanks, Erin

Elyse @ Loving Your Space said...

I didn't use anything above the baseboard. I kept the same baseboards from before, just painted them to match the rest.

Amy Jo said...

what is the name of the paint and brand you used? love it!

jokesBYjen said...

I too would also love to know the NAME and BRAND of the paint you used!!! That color is GORGEOUS!!!

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