March 29, 2011

10,000 and beyond!

Wow!! I am in shock right now.
My blog just reached 10,000 pageviews! 
Here is a thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments. I really can't believe how many people are out there that like my work! 
And here is another thanks to all of my new followers!! You all are so awesome!
I went from 0 followers to 90 in 24 hours and I couldn't have done it without House of Smiths

Ok, I have had a few questions in my comments that I wanted to take a sec to answer.

1) What color did I use on the walls in my son's big boy room?
I used Dutch Boy Refresh brand and just matched it to the quilt. I like the refresh because its a low odor paint, which I needed being pregnant at the time :)

2) Where did I get my ironing board cover?
I answered this in a comment but thought others might be interested. I got it off of ebay. I searched and searched all over the internet for a damask ironing cover and the best deal I found was $20 shipped on ebay.

3) How did I make the edges/sides of the cabinets look finished?
For this I took my electric sander and just sanded all of the edges. It made a HUGE mess, but in the end it made all the difference. I then caulked any holes or uneven areas and sanded again. Once that all was done I just went over it with some white paint. Its not perfect and could probably use another coat of paint, but it works for now :) 

Alright that is enough for now.
Please stayed tuned for what is coming Husband's favorite project so far!


Robyn said...

I am SO glad House of Smiths has referred your blog. It's gorgeous and well done on your 10,000 pageviews! Am now your newest follower too.

Julie said...

Your husband's favorite? Let me think...a huge party room in the basement?

sarah said...

Hi i just wanted to say i googled a picture, like your "wash dry press fold repeat" photo here, & i used the words on a shelf in my laundry area, photo's are on my blog

congrates on your blog & im now a follower!!
sarah x x

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