March 22, 2011

Big boy room

Alright here is the last of the "finished" rooms in my house. I have one more room that is almost done that will be my next post and I am so excited to share. But first is my son's big boy room.

Here are the before shots:

This was the only room in the house that the previous owner decorated and they went with a lovely fishing theme. The worst part was the molding. They painted the chair rail and the baseboards a puke brown...
it took 4 coats of paint to cover up!!

and the after:

I made the bedding for this room. I searched and searched for the perfect bedding for the perfect price but never had any luck. So I found this fabric and thought it was just right.

Here's a tip for any mom's out there struggling to keep their kids in bed at night. Tatum almost every night would come into our room and sleep in our bed. He would toss and turn and eventually one of us would give in and sleep in the other room. I finally said enough was enough and headed to Walmart to fix this problem. I bought some bed raisers to give his bed a little lift, then bought a foam mattress pad to make his bed more comfy and then got some more fluffy pillows.  I came home and put it all together and Tatum was so happy to have a big bed like mom and dad's. That night he was so excited that he went to bed an hour early and hasn't come in our room since!

The dresser Eric made in his high school wood shop class. I added some cute knobs from Hobby Lobby to make it easier for Tatum to open. Eric thinks they are a little clownish, but I beg to differ!

 The piggy bank is from Hobby Lobby and the car was given to Tatum by his Great Grandfather. I used leftover fabric to cover these star boxes and the glass jar keeps all of Tatum's "treasures" safe.

 On both sides of the window I put up pictures of Tatum growing up. I got cheap frames from the DI and painted them white and backed the pictures with brown paper to make a fake matting.

  Then I repainted these plaques from Tatum's nursery to match his new color scheme. 

and lastly I made a curtain out of left over fabric from his bedding to cover his window.

After all of the little changes I made I finally feel like it is the perfect big boy room for my perfect boy. 


Anonymous said...

your son is sooooo cute! and I love his new room!

ReenieK Designs said...

Looks great, he's adorable !

larissa said...

I just found your blog via House of Smiths and I am already so inspired by all the work you've done! Especially your laundry room. My husband and I were married last July and are still in our rental phase but home buying is coming soon and I cannot wait to be able to make our house our home. I can't wait to see more additions to your blog because I love your style. And you have two of the cutest sons around =]


Shannon said...

What color did you use for the walls?
shannonqualls (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Do you have a tutorial for that curtain?

ms. shawna said...

I love the bedding!! Is it one piece of fabric or did you piece together different fabrics? What a great option for a child's bedroom ... It's hard to find something unique.

..[eLySe].. said...

Ms. Shawna,
The bedding actually started as a flat sheet. I went to a fabric store and picked out fabrics I loved and then cut it into strips and sewed them right onto the sheet. I did the same thing for the pillow case.

ms. shawna said...

Thanks... That really is easy. I definitely going to give it a try!,

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