March 4, 2011

Living room face lift

Before we bought our home we lived in a 2300 sf townhouse. So moving into a 4500sf home was a bit of a shocker when the only furniture we had (besides beds and a kitchen table) fit perfectly in our tiny front room.

 Ever since we moved into this house this room bothered me.
I always had a million other projects to be done that I never got around to making this room mine. So I now finally did a few things to brighten this room up. 

 I only changed a few things but it was enough to make me truly love this room.
First I put up some silk drapes.

 Next I made some pillows cases and covered up the ugly brown and green pillows from before.

I love the chrysanthemum pillows. 
They were fairly easy to make and they really brighten up the room. 
Here is a link to the pattern for the mum pillows. 
Amy Butler designed them! 

I love fake flowers. 
Actually I love real ones but I hate that they die, so I only buy fake flowers. 
These are probably my favorite one, peonies!

There is my living room. Not much but definitely a start.


Suburbsmama said...

Those little tweaks you made certainly brightened up the space! Great job.

Jessica said...

Love the blog so far! I'm interested in learning how you made the flower pillow cases! Love them!

ReenieK Designs said...

Those changes definetly brightened up the room !

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