May 2, 2011

A New Rug

Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know I did. 
It was busy filled with yard work, house work and a lot of play time :)  

I have some exciting stuff to share coming up but for now I want to post more on my Loft. 
I got a lot of good advice from readers on what to do next and a few people mentioned that a rug would really make this room "pop".  So I started the search for the perfect rug and I finally found it.

I wanted something that was colorful and fun and this is just right. I got it at Target for like $30. 
I tried searching the classifieds but everything either had stains or was way over my price range.

Here is the room without the rug:

and with the rug:

It totally makes the room feel warmer to me and a little bit more like "home". 
While I was at Target I got these little tins from the dollar section. 

So cute and its perfect for the kids.
Now that I found the rug I want to find some coordinating fabric to make a window valance and cover this lampshade.

It kind of matches the room right now, but I want it to pop a bit more. 
We will see what I come up with.


Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life said...

The rug adds some great color in the room...I think the wall and window needs something...Maybe some shelfs with childrens books on them...or maybe some pics of the kids in colorful frams...

Just a suggestion...but I do like the rug :)


Mallory said...

The rug is perfect, great find!

Reenie said...

I agree... the walls on either side of the window need something ~ and some type of curtain/valance. about painting the lil table and chairs RED!! :)

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