August 29, 2011

Im back with a small update

Sorry I have been MIA lately, I promise I have good reason!
We have been busy with a little of this...

and this...

and a whole lotta this stuff...

So really I haven't had a lot of time to do the projects that I have needed to.
So until I get back on my feet a bit I will show you a small redo that I did.

The day before we left for Cali we bought this entertainment center from a lady down the road.
We got it for $80 but it was pretty beat up.

The paint was chipped everywhere and one door was broken with the other on its last leg. 

I couldn't pass up this piece of furniture because it was the perfect size for our bedroom and it matched our bed almost exactly!

So I sanded the edges and scratches and stained them a dark brown.

Then I took off the doors and hardware and replaced them with baskets.

It was a real simple fix that made a huge difference, and it probably only took me 20 min! 
Next up is that dresser in the background!

1 comment:

Mallory said...

This is awesome! Good for you for seeing that something so beat up could be so gorgeous in just a few steps!

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