August 2, 2011

Master Bath Progress

Well I just got back in town from a nice trip to California for my Brother-in-Law's wedding. We had a wonderful time, but I must say that I am happy to be back in Utah and to sleep in my own bed again! I have a lot of catching up to do, so today I will share our master bath progress.

As you may remember from this post, I had some big plans for our bathroom. I wanted to paint, replace the marble with tile, frame the mirrors and do some sort of molding around the tub. 

My first step was painting the walls a light blue called Pensieve Sky by Behr.

Originally I was going to paint everything this color and just do molding around the tub, but I decided to continue the molding on the two walls next to the tub.

Eric had to give me a hard time for this color because in the right light it almost looks white. 
That's men for ya, they aren't into the details :)

After I gave the room a coat of paint, I put Eric in charge of removing the marble surround. He just took a flat head screwdriver and a hammer to it and then pulled it right off the wall. He made sure to place a rag between the marble and hammer so that it didn't ruin the wall or marble.

Our tub is kind of scary now, but it means we are one step closer to the finished product.

Trey had to get in on the fun and help out!

So there is our little bit of progress. 



Next step is to install this tile around the tub. 

We have never tiled before so this might be fun. 
Wish us luck!

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DeeDee said...

Good Luck! You'll do great. We have never tiled either and we did a pretty good job if I say so myself! LOL! You can read about it here:

Can't wait to see your final results!

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