June 14, 2011

Master bath plans

Sorry I have dropped the ball on this blog, but I have some pretty exciting and BIG things coming up. Things that I am in shock about really, that have to do with Rod Works and Studio 5!!! Sorry but those things will have to wait:( 

For now I want to share my plans for our master bath as we are getting ready to change up this room a bit. 

Our bathroom is kind of a hard space for me. Its big and has everything that I want in a bathroom, but it really has a lot of wasted space. One day I would love to redo the whole thing, like expand the shower and add a window...but for now I will settle on a few smaller scale changes. Here is our bathroom before we moved in.

So far I am thinking that I want to frame in the mirrors like this:

(photo courtesy of The Idea Room)

I also want to paint the room a similar color to the picture above. I definitely want to add some beadboard around the tub and add a veneer front to hide the hideous jetted tub motor. 

Maybe something along these lines:

Also I want to rip out the ugly marble surround on the tub and replace it with some tile.

And lastly I always wanted a chandelier above my tub like these photos:

( photo from Nate Berkus)

(Things that inspire)

This one is bit big but you get the idea. 
I love the color and sparkle of this bathroom and it serves as my inspiration for my bathroom. 

I was able to get started on my bathroom revamp last week when my Dad came in town and brought me a beautiful chandelier.
He installed it for me and I love it. 
We didn't have a light source above our tub at all so this was a nice surprise!

A little bit of light makes a big difference in a small space. 
Well there is our very small start to our bathroom revamp. 
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get this room done...crossing my fingers!


The Jensen's said...

you probably already have a plan for your framed mirrors, but I did mine a few months ago and the blog tutorial I used was this one http://showandtell-sausha.blogspot.com/search/label/framed%20builder%20mirror just an idea. good luck

Candace said...

Our bathrooms are close to identical! I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

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