April 4, 2011

The Loft

This is our loft. Its right at the top of our stairs next to all of the bedrooms. It features an ugly disorganized entertainment center:

and overflowing toy boxes:

For Christmas this year we got ourselves a new TV. Ever since then I have been looking online at the classifieds for a new entertainment center to hold our old TV. This weekend I finally found the perfect one!

We moved it in place, switched around some furniture and before we knew it we had a brand new room.
Take a look:

And the best part is, it only cost us $150!! Where did we spend the $? All on this baby...

I love it! Its got a few nicks but its nothing a bit of touch up can't fix. We now have a place for all of the kids toys and its so organized...it has built in movie organizers inside. 

I took these baskets out of Tatum's closet to store toys.

I moved the table and chairs under the window and added a lamp that we weren't using.

This horse stayed in place, its every kids favorite!

We brought this bookcase out of our room, where it was temporarily holding the old TV. It now is home to all of the kids books.

The shelf above has Tatum's framed art, my favorite!

On top of the bookcase is Tatum's favorite reading book. We read this book every night before bed, he can now read the first few pages by himself!

This room still needs some work. I'm thinking I want to make a window valance, cover the lamp shade, get some more baskets and maybe add some cute kid pics on the wall. What do you think?? What it this room lacking?


Sarah said...

Hi there - What a great improvement! What a steal! I always forget about looking through online classifieds for furniture... need to do that more!

We too have a loft upstairs. It is our daughters playroom, as well.We are in the process of figure out the space, too!

What I think you need is some color! Curtains or a valance... a big rug in the middle of the room? Definitely some framed pictures, more art, something on the walls. What about wall vinyl? Check out etsy.com for some really cute Dr. Seuss wall quotes or something!

Can't wait to see what you do!



Mallory said...

I love the change, it looks wonderful and more put together! I agree that a colorful rug would add that "pop" you are missing. Great job!

Elyse @ Loving Your Space said...

Thanks for the advice! I didn't even think about a rug...perfect. I guess I better be on the look out for a great rug :)

megan said...

Love it! Isn't it funny how one piece of furniture can completely change an entire room!

I'd definitely to a fun window treatment and add something on the walls.



Reenie said...

Looks good ~ I agree tho....COLOR :)

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life said...

It looks good so far...I would add a valance and some colorful art or vinyl lettering to each side of the window...As cute as the room is it does need some color!!

mybunnymoney said...

Hey! I love your site! Also, how did you do your font in the title, I remember reading a site but couldn't ever find HostWebs File Managers and quite.

Elyse @ Loving Your Space said...

I did use hostwebs for the title. Check out Kevinandamanda.com. On the right sidebar under tutorials they have a bunch of blog design helps. I am so not HTML savvy so this REALLY helped me:)

Julie said...

stumbled upon your site from "tip junkie" :0) Love your blog and all the fun things you do. I also love Kevin and Amanda and just did my fonts in my blog a few weeks ago and used her tutorial. Mine is more of a photography blog. :0)

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the loft. :0)


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