April 16, 2011

Curb appeal

Well everyone, I have had such a busy but fun week. Like I said before my family came in town for the birth of my first ever niece and I got to enjoy their company all week long! I just took my Mom to the airport today which means that now its back to work!

Today I want to share my front door transformation with you. The front of our house is kind of boring! Tan and orange shades of rock with tan stucco and a tan front door with a tan railing...you get the idea. Well a few months back my Dad brought me this beauty all the way from California...

My Dad is a electrical contractor in California and does a lot of high end homes. Well often times his clients through remodeling have a lot of extra stuff sitting around and just hand it over to my Dad. Which means that this baby was completely free!! The only problem is that its measurements are just slightly off from our door. We would love to use this door but that would mean re-doing our whole entry. So for now I went with a simple fix to help with our tan overload.

Here is the house when we first bought it:

Now here is our front door:

It really is a simple procedure. Just wipe down your door good, take off all hardware and paint! I used Behr paint and primer in one in a straight black. Here are a few tips for painting your front door.
  1. Paint on a nice wind free day. Any little dust particles will show in your paint which is fine if you want a textured door :)
  2. Use a mini foam roller with a rounded tip to apply the paint. Seriously people this saved my life! It makes it so easy to get in all of the nooks of the door.

    While we were at it we painted our outdoor light fixtures as well. Really spray paint is the only way to go for this project. Its pretty straight forward. Just remove the fixture and glass panels and spray.

    Once that was all done I just added a few finishing touches like a nice wreath and some vinyl from Wonderfully Wordy.

    I got this as a gift a few years back. Don't mind the dead flowers in the background, it still hasn't decided if it wants to be spring here :)

    There is our start to adding some curb appeal to our home. We still have a lot we want to do like add some shutters, flower boxes and maybe replacing the vinyl railing with a rod iron one, but its one thing at a time! If anyone has replaced their front door before and has some advice I would love to hear it. Maybe someday we can make some use to that beautiful knotty alder door!


    Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life said...

    I "Crazy" love your entrance...It is so inviting!! I need to borrow that no soliciting sign...actually I should get it in vinyl and put across my front door ;-)

    Mallory said...

    Oh my gosh...I have been drooling over the door your dad gave you for weeks! We need (yes, actually need) new front doors and those would be perfect (except for the price, way out of our budget)!

    Love your new door, it looks perfect!

    Heather said...

    I love it! I'm using your ideas... hope that you don't mind. I figured if you did that you wouldn't post them! ;) I linked you in my blog. Just thought I'd tell ya! http://babykimball.blogspot.com

    Waseem said...

    The house look so fresh and clean...like all the colours used there..

    window shutters clayton, ca

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