January 17, 2012

My Etsy Shop

Recently I have gotten many MANY emails about my kids bathroom prints. I have had in the last couple of days a handful of comments and emails from people asking me for a copy of my prints. I would love to just send them out to everyone, but feel that I need to start an etsy shop to sell my prints. So I have started a shop and will be selling all 3 prints for $5. I believe this a great price and cheaper than any other prints out there! The price is for the 3 printable JPEG files that I will email to you after your payment is complete. If your not quite diggin the colors, then I can change them to whatever color you want! Anyways...check out my shop which is now open!

1 comment:

Healthy Branscoms said...

awesome! Love it! :) Erin

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