November 9, 2011

Switching up seasonal decor

For some people it may be hard to make the switch from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor, seeing as they are somewhat similar. I know for me in years past I would either skip Thanksgiving decor all together or just keep my Halloween decor up through Thanksgiving, both probably out of laziness :) Well I have realized that with a few simple switches you can change your Halloween decor to Thanksgiving for practically free!

First thing I changed were these candlesticks.

I was a bit worried about having black candlesticks for Thanksgiving but I think my small switches made it work.

I changed the black and white ribbon to brown ribbon and replaced the jack-o-lanterns with candles that I already had.

Next up was the kitchen table. My decor went from this...

to this without spending a dime!

For the table runner I just used scrap pieces of fabric that I already had. 
To make it I just cut the scraps into 2 1/4" strips and sewed them together.

When sewing the strips together be sure to alternate which side you start your stitch on. 
This keeps your runner straight!

Once I sewed the strips together I attached a few strips to the sides to create a border.

Lastly I added some white material to the back. Sew all edges together inside out making sure to leave a small gap to turn it right side in.

The last step is to iron the whole thing and then stitch over the small opening. And then you are done!

The last thing I did to switch out my decor was change up my mantle from this...

to this...

There are so many sites out there with free downloads that you can just print off on your computer or to save ink you can send them somewhere to print. I got this banner from At Second Street for free! 

My husband found these lanterns at a yard sale a few weeks back. 
I love them and use them everywhere!

I already had the glass vases and just went outside and grabbed these "weeds". 
I love how it turned out!

And that is how easy it can be. I literally spent $3 dollars to print the banner and everything else I already had.

Be sure to check back on Friday for another giveaway!!!

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