July 12, 2011

My first furniture redo

Remember this post about my garage sale find? 

Originally when I saw this table I thought it would make a perfect nightstand for my Master bedroom. After about a day I realized that it was all wrong, but for lack of something better I just left it.

Well a few weeks ago we found some new nightstands at a garage sale for only $5! 
They aren't perfect at all but I really didn't want to spend $70 a piece on nightstands, so for now, they will have to do!

The color was similar to the other but they were so dirty that I just decided to refinish them to match my bed.

First I took them outside and sanded them down to get rid of all the imperfections.

Then I started spraying.
I got this nifty little handle that made this step so easy.

Next I sanded the edges down to distress it and then went over it with a wood stain.

Here is the final project:

I think its an improvement. 

While I was at it I recovered this little foot stool to match better (plus my Husband spilled shoe polish on it).

Looks like I need to trim the excess underneath :)

Now I am still looking for some pretty lamps to go on my nightstands to complete the look.

Not a bad change for only $5, actually more like $15 after supplies, but still not bad!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I must get me one of those spray paint trigger gadgets. Where did you find it?


Heather said...

I had the exact same question! We're moving into a new (well, new to us) house and I know I'll be needing one of those over the next several months of redo.

Also, how much do they cost?

Elyse @ Loving Your Space said...

I just got it at Walmart and I think it was only $2.50 or $3.00. They are pretty cheap but way helpful!

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